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BTA Kids Committee 2024 - 2025

We are excited to announce this year we are bringing a new activity "First Ever BTA Kids Committee".
BTA proudly welcomes our new kids committee who will serve our kids community for the year 2024 - 2025


  • Riddi Patel

  • Eshwar Vinnamala

  • Dhruva Yeddanapalli

  • Sanjana Gedela

  • Ashlesha Bellamkonda

  • Suhas Pilla

  • Sanjana Gedela

  • Jai Naga Bhavesh Kommireddy

  • Rimanwita Medicharla

  • Saranya Kommireddy

About Kids Committee:

Years ago when Boise Telugu association was formed, the intent was to inculcate Indian culture and bring impact through our community. 

With the same intent, this year your BTA is rolling out a plan to create an impact at different levels of the community.  As we all believe today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders. Leadership is a skill and we want to provide opportunity and a nurturing environment to grow these young leaders. As part of this plan, we are forming a BTA kids committee. Work accomplished by this committee would contribute towards kids volunteering hours during their college application phase and we are excited to contribute towards their growth through this program.

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